Behind the Scenes

Maggie Suller & Courtney Vickers

We are the Christian Lettering Company. A mother and daughter duo, both currently engaged in University studies, and both committed to sharing Jesus through our creative ministry, that we began in 2016, to run alongside our University studies.

Here we mix our love of God with our love of typography, to deliver to you scriptural artwork, that we hope, will inspire your everyday life and help you on your spiritual faith journey.

As our business continues to grow, we are ever grateful that we are able to spend our time doing what we love and, subsequently, we continue to strive to create unique, handmade, eco friendly artwork and stationery, that blends contemporary typography with classic monochromatic elegance, with just a splash of colour, for lovers of the Living Word!

Eco Friendly

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Here at Christian Lettering Company we strive to look after God's awesome creation. And, as stewards of His awesome creation, we believe that our environment should be protected and nurtured, which is why, where possible, we use 100% post consumer recycled paper/card stock, FSC approved photo paper, vegetable-based inks, biodegradable natural jute twine, recycled tissue paper, recycled kraft envelopes and mailing boxes and compostable bio-bags,(which can be popped into your food bins), all sourced for the UK. 


We keep our packaging to a minimum to ensure that there is no unnecessary paper waste and we hope that with every order that goes out, you guys are as committed as we are, and recycle. 

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